Thursday, 14 May 2015

Activity 4 - Tahlia Kwan

Name of Activity: Edge Finder
Goals: Finish Activities
Which goals were not achieved and why? All goals/activities were achieved.
Roles of each of the members: We rotated roles, from programming, building and testing/filming.

Activity 4
Version 1:
We followed the diagram on the sheet and programmed the robot but the robot started to run backwards in a circle starting and stopped at random times. This was unsuccessful. 
Version 2:
We tried to change the light sensor settings to wait until light is brighter than 100. The same events occurred to the robot as the previous version. We failed again. 
Version 3:
We changed the program settings to darker than 50, we then tested the robot over a strip of dark tape and the robot moved away and changed directions, the same event occurred when the robot was about to fall over the edge of the table. Thus we have succeeded. 

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